Picture of Doug Shasteen
Doug Shasteen
Feb 23, 2015
Houston, TX

Spring League 2015

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Spring league is just around the corner folks. Thanks to the tag team efforts of Derek and Jensen, we've managed to reserve some fields on the north side for spring league! 8 weeks of delightful ultimate with your best pals is on the way.

Theme: Spring is almost here y'all. Boing doing boing sproing.

CAPTAINS: We need you! Please volunteer! Draft your team as you please and lead them to victory! Also get a sweet discount for all your hard work!

  • Brand new location! Northline park (6902 Nordling Rd Houston, TX 77076)
  • Wednesday evenings  at 7:00 PM
  • Starting 3/18/15 and running…

Picture of Holly Amerson
Holly Amerson
Feb 5, 2015
Houston, TX

2015 Leadership Nominations

Are you passionate about Ultimate???
Do you have suggestion/ideas on how to make Houston Ultimate better?
Are you interested in building community?
Do you just LOVE the sport and want to get more involved?!?!
Are you looking for friends??

If any of these apply to you, then you should consider being a part of the HUC leadership team!
Any level of commitment is welcomed.

NOTE: If you are not interested in holding a position, but would like to be involved, the HUC leadership team meets once a month for 2-3 hours to discuss ideas and upcoming events. These meetings are open to the…

League is finally here! And on top of ultimate, we've got another game to keep y'all entertained. Some of you may have played a game called Paranoia (or Assassin, or Mafia, or KAOS) in the past, if so you've got a leg up on the competition! The game works as such:
First some backstory: You are all living in the land of HUCsteros, and the king has died! But who will be the next king, or queen? You think to yourself "I should be the monarch of this league!" But you're not next in line... something's got to change! So…

USA Ultimate has recently announced that the 2015 Master's Championships will be held 24-26 July in Aurora, Colorado.  Female team members are required to be 30 or older as of Dec 31 2015.  If you are interested in playing, send an email to Amber Sturrock (amber.abel@gmail.com). 

We are also looking for volunteers to step up and help organize the team!

Picture of Holly Amerson
Holly Amerson
Jan 14, 2015
Houston, TX

Hucking for Laura 2015

HFL is a Coed Hat Tournament held in honor of a former teammate and friend to Houston Ultimate, Laura Powell Higgins. Laura was a prominent ultimate player who gave much to the growth of the sport in Houston and Texas. In December of 2002, she was murdered leaving behind her husband and daughter. Since then, every HFL has been in her honor.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

9 am -- 5 pm


George Bush Park

(same fields as HUC Winter League)


Coed teams 

Hat format, random draw

Be sure to bring  RED and…